How to Sync Books With iTunes and Add Other eBooks to Your iPad

You can sync iBooks on your iPad with your computer by using iTunes. First you have to open iTunes and connect your iPad to your computer. This allows you to transfer books purchased on iBooks to your iPad. The benefit of doing this is to keep a backup copy of your book on your computer just in case it’s deleted on your iPad.

1) On iTunes select “File”

2) Select “Transfer Purchases from iPad”

One of benefits of storing books on your computer is the increased flash drive space on your iPad. If you are voracious reader and have a large eBook collection, you can save iPad drive space by offloading books you have read onto your desktop hard drive.

1) Click on your iPad name in the left hand panel (i.e. iTunes Source List).

2) Click the “Books” tab in the main iTunes panel.

3) You now have the option of syncing your entire book collection or choosing selected titles. If you only want to off load a few books on the iPad, click the “Selected Book” icon.

Saving other eBooks to your iPad.

Your iPad can also read other types of eBooks. Everything does not have to be purchased through iTunes. iBook uses the ePub format for digital books. Your iPad can read any type of ePub book from various online sellers. Books in ePub format will have the .epub file extension. A great source of eBooks is from Google Books and Project Gutenberg ( ). Project Gutenberg is a great source for free, ePub encoded books. Many of the classic works and many non-copyrighted books can be found here.

To add ePub books and.pdf files:

1) In iTunes click “File”

2) Click “Add to library”

3) Once the file is added, hit “sync”

4) iTunes will not load your eBook onto your iPad. You will find those files in the iBook app.

Amazon Kindle & Barnes & Noble Nook

For those who have an Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook, you can read those eBooks on your iPad by downloading the free Kindle and Nook readers from the App Store. With the Kindle and Nook, you will find many free books but you will have to pay for most contemporary publications.

You can also read many online books offline by using a an off line page saving app. We suggest getting Instapaper. With Instapaper you can read your favorite webpages offline. The iPad app allows you to save websites and webpages for later reading. One of the major benefits of using Instapaper over other apps of the same variety is Instapaper’s integration with other apps. Because Instapaper has become the most acclaimed app in its category, over 135 other iOS apps support Instapaper. Instapaper does more than just save webpage for future reading. It does it very smoothly and smartly. To optimize for iPad or iPhone screen dimensions, Instapaper removes most of the ads and unnecessary content. Instapaper also allows you to customize the font and the type size of your saved web pages.